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Google now explains why some emails thrown in spam folder

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Users of Google’s Gmail service will now get a brief explanation of why some of their emails end up in the spam folder.

In a blog post, Google software engineer Ela Czajka said this would help users learn why Gmail had marked some messages as spam mail.
“We hope that this is not only interesting, but also helps you learn about scams and other harmful messages that Gmail filters out. Whether you prefer to leave your spam folder untouched or do some educational digging, the information will be there for you,” Czajka said.
Czajka also noted many users have been satisfied so far with the accuracy of Gmail’s spam filter.
This prompted the Gmail team to let Gmail users in on why some messages were marked as spam.
“So starting today, we’ll be showing a brief explanation at the top of each of your spam messages. Simply look at any message in your spam folder and now you can find out why it was put there and learn about any potentially harmful content within the message,” Czajka said.
(from: GMA News)

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