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Foot on a Snail

021612: Info 001

Snail Diagram

A teacher of Joyrel, Kenny’s daughter (a friend of mine) nag kwento na ang snail umano ay my mga paa? I did not believe because ang pagkakaakala ko wala silang mga paa like snakes, etc. Di ako mapakali at isinasaliksik ko sa internet at dito ko nalaman at naniwala na meron talaga silang paa. Now I know.


There is a foot on a snail as well that allows it to move forward. There is contracting and expanding in this muscle that allows it to have movement. The mucus that they glide along is produced in a gland in the foot as well. Without this slime under them, the environment would be too hard for their soft bodies to move along without injury.

Around the foot is a protective layer called the mantle. It is also found around the shell to offer it additional protection. Without that they would injure the food and end up not being able to move at all. If you watch how a snail looks before moving you will notice what appear to be spasms through them and then they inch forward. This is the muscles in the foot working. Even though they do move slowly there is a rhythm to it that they will follow over and over again. This can be fascinating to watch.

(Image under GNU license. Author Original by Wikimedia Commons User Al2, English captions and other edits by Jeff Dahl)


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